Kumbh Mela 2021

Kumbh Mela Haridwar 2021

Topworld Holidays bring to visit one of amazing Hindu Fastival Mela is called Kumbh Mela  In Haridwar every six (6) year it is celebrated in the month of January-February when Jupiter is in Aries or Taurus and Sun and Moon are in Capricorn during the Hindu month of Magha. All this will once again be the center of attraction and attention from the world over. Nearly 60 million took a bath at the occasion and if the forecasts are to be believed, the next one will garner an even bigger gathering than the previous one.


The geographical location of Kumbh Mela spans over four locations in India and the Mela site keeps rotating between one of the four pilgrimages on four sacred rivers as listed below:

·         Haridwar on the Ganges in Uttarakhand   ( 2021 )

·         Ujjain on the Shipra in Madhya Pradesh

·         Nashik on the Godavari in Maharashtra

·         Prayagraj at the confluence of the Ganges, the Yamuna


Each site’s celebration is based on a distinct set of astrological positions of the Sun, the Moon, and the Jupiter. The celebrations occur at the exact moment when these positions are fully occupied, as it is considered to be the holiest time in Hinduism. The Kumbh Mela is an event that intrinsically encapsulates the science of astronomy, astrology, spirituality, ritualistic traditions, and socio-cultural customs and practices, making it extremely rich in knowledge.